Blogging 101

There are two types of blogging, Viral Blogging and Search engine optimization (SEO) Blogging. For today Since this is just blogging 101, I’m going to mostly concentrate on Viral Blogging today. Stay tuned for a future post and video on using the SEO tool in the <a title="EN Blogging System" Empowered Network Blogging System.

This video shows the primary functions of your EN blog and how to do things like embed a video, create links to other locations, embed pictures, etc.
All of it is based on WordPress commands which may not look exactly the way they do in the video due to updates, but most of this stuff never changes.

Viral Blogging 101 with Mike Hobbs

Here Mike will touch on how to get your blog post out there without worrying about your SEO score, great for beginners and also a good idea to use even when having a blog that has a SEO score.

Here is a list that will help you increase your SEO score.

SEO Blogging 101 Check list

1.Put your keyword in the post title & the url title.    
2. Put your keyword in the H1, H2 & H3 tags.        
  • <h1>headline1 word</h2>
  • <h2>headline2 word</h2>
  • <h3>headline3 word</h3>

3. Insert a picture with your keyword in the alt description of the pic. Keyword is in red, when adding a picture through the “Add Media” this can be set or you can do it manually.

  • <a href=”/makemoneynow.php?id=linuxbgood&amp;en”><img alt=”Blogging 101″ src=”/linuxbgood/files/2013/07/Empower.jpg” width=”426″ height=”118″ /></a>

4. Make sure your keyword density is about 2-3% and your content is at least 450 words long.

5. Put an internal link to another page on your blog.

6. Put your keyword in the 1st and last paragraphs.

7. Make sure to underline, bold and italicize your keyword 1 time throughout your post.

  • <b>bold word</b>
  • <i>italicize word</i>
  • <u>underlined word</u>

Blogging 101 tools and tips

1.) Use Pingler to ping your blog

2.) Use Social Monkee to get your blog bookmarked on different sites.

3.) Use Hootsuite to send messages to Facebook groups and walls to help get your blogs seen more.

4.) Use Facebook Syndication groups to get people to look and comment on your blogs, Do a search for Syndication on facebook to find plenty.

5.) Use Google + to help as well and get it mass produced

6.) Use Pinterest & Twitter and other Social Media sites as well for exposure of your blogs.

Put these Blogging 101 tips and tricks to use and get paid 100% commissions, starting at $25 and as high as $3000 per sale
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Thanks for reading and Have a Blessed Day

Anthony Ferrante



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