Robert Hollis .. How Is That Working?

Robert Hollis

How Is That Working?: A Roadmap from Rat Race to Freedom
By Robert Hollis, Max J. Miller

Robert Hollis is mentor and success coach to 44 millionaires tells how he recovered from a tragic accident to become a pioneer and leader in content marketing and a master trainer in online marketing methods. The book identifies the common pitfalls that cause many businesses to falter and fail and offers strategies to avoid these mistakes. The book presents the essential steps required to build a successful enterprise and attract and keep loyal customers. It outlines a process for identifying, evaluating and selecting business opportunities best suited for individual success and fulfillment. How Is That Working? by Robert Hollis is witty, insightful and inspiring. Robert Hollis has over 1,000,000 customers and fans. He enthusiastically shares his insights and discoveries with marketers and business builders around the globe. Max J. Miller writes about leaders, creators and heroes. He writes to inspire, transform, and empower people to make life more workable and happier for others.

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Robert Hollis

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Robert Hollis

Robert Hollis has built a team of over 500,000 Affiliates in 3 years and went over $29 Million in Direct Selling Life Time Earnings. Unlimited Profits Robert’s team, which he started in February 2011, went over 20,000 members, with $100,000+ in monthly earnings. Robert previous endeavor was ACN where he was a Top 5 Regional Vice President.

Robert Hollis was born February 21, 1962 and now lives in Montana. Robert Hollis is happily married to Teri Hollis. He has two children Robert Hollis Jr and Mathew Hollis. Robert Hollis Jr is a very successful Network Marketer at GanoLife. Mathew Hollis is a very successful Affiliate Marketer at Unlimited Profits.

Robert Hollis, what is your “Million Dollar” Secret?

Helping other people get results! People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care! This can only happen by truly helping them get results not telling them to! Show people how to get a customer! Show people how to invite someone to a presentation! Show someone how to get them enrolled! Show them how to do the things needed to be successful! If you don’t know how, ask for HELP from someone that knows how!

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your business?

Hard to pick just one, the synergy of all of them together only happens a few times in history! I get so touched when I hear the heart felt stories of what GanoLife products have done in people lives! The opportunity has giving me so much more than financial freedom it’s giving me fulfillment and joy beyond measure when you can make a difference in others lives and really make a difference that lasts lifetime!


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Work with me Personally and learn how How to make money drinking and sharing coffee

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  1. May I ask how experienced you are in this area? I’m asking not because I want to insult or harass you, just because I have a slightly different opinion on this, but I’m not an expert in any way.


  2. Im not sure what your asking if Im an expert on? Blogging? Robert? or making money in other ways? lol I don’t mean to be wise just don’t know what your asking. As far as insulting me, as long as you speak your mind and truth you wont insult me.


  3. 307255 315893I like this post quite considerably. I will surely be back. Hope that I can go by way of far more insightful posts then. Will likely be sharing your wisdom with all of my pals! 699172


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